Book Tropes I Hate

Here are some of the tropes I am sick of seeing that frequently appear in YA literature. 

Unnecessary Romance

I enjoy romantic stories, but I also enjoy adventure stories, and mystery stories, and fantasy stories, and many other stories that don’t need a romance. The most recent example of this I read was in Ryan Graudin’s Wolf by Wolf. It’s a story about a plot to overthrow Hitler in an alternate timeline. Surely our main character has more important things on her mind than kissing the attractive boy!
The Chosen One

You know the one. Ordinary girl gets swept up into a life she didn’t know anything about. And is expected to save the world. At least give readers a solid reason why that particular character is destined to save the world. (Ahem, Clary)
Manic Pixie Dream Girls

Are there any characters more annoying? These characters are often created in order to develop the main male character. She exists to push forward someone else’s plot. She is therefore rarely well developed or anything more than a plot devise. And really annoying. 


There is no trope more annoying than instalove. In real life people do not instantly fall in love with each other. Of course they can be instantly attracted to each other. But fall in love? No chance. Stories with the worst cases of instalove often skip the ‘getting to know you’ phase of a romantic relationship, and I cannot feel invested in a relationship without those roots.


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