Lair of Dreams: Book Review

Libba Brays’s story of The Diviners continues with the sequel, Lair of Dreams. Is the sequel as good as the first book? Absolutely. 

The reason why I’ve been enjoying this series so much can be summed up with just one word: atmosphere. Libba Bray’s writing is some of the most atmospheric I’ve ever read. Bray provides everything you could want from a 1920s historical fiction novel: flappers, moonshine, jazz, unfamiliar slang, and speakeasies, whilst also encompassing supernatural and mystery elements in the story. 

We are introduced to more characters in this book and I really liked the parts of the story from their perspectives, particularly Henry’s. The dreamwalking was the most interesting aspect of the story, though I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read it yet! The novel also touches on many different themes, the most prominent being race and racism. The story was slow throughout the whole novel, but the setting and characters were so incredible that I didn’t really care.

Again I listened to the audiobook version, and it was excellent. January LeVoy makes the creepy tunes even creepier.

A solid five star read.


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