Outlander: Week One

I have just completed part one of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander and already I’m really enjoying it! 

Because I’ve seen the TV series already I’ve been picking up on some things I perhaps wouldn’t have done had I just read the book. For example, the vicar says Roger is a Mackenzie. We know that the Mackenzie clan will play a big part in this story but Claire doesn’t know that yet. I think I would’ve missed that if I hadn’t already seen it on TV.

I was also looking out for the date of Jack Randal’s death and I didn’t notice it being mentioned. Perhaps I wasn’t paying close enough attention. But Claire uses the knowledge of Randal’s death date to scare and threaten Randal in the TV series. It is used as a plot device. But I don’t remember reading the date of his death in the book.

Claire is a great main character! A modern woman, particularly by eighteenth century standards, she shocks the highlanders often by her lack of proper attire and harsh language. I chuckled when I first read ‘Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ’ – I think that catchphrase might catch on!

All in all I really enjoyed this first part of the book. I especially like Claire and I was excited to meet book Jamie. There was a great intimate scene where Claire is feeling very vulnerable and Jamie comforts her. I really get the sense that Claire feels out of place in 1743 – unsurprisingly! – and it doesn’t just brush over that fact.

Great start to the book! I’m looking forward to part two.


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