Outlander Co-Read

So my friend and sassanach, Becky, and I recently discovered the Outlander TV series (thank you, Bootube) and quickly became obsessed. (On one particularly lazy day we watched eight episodes!) So what we’ve decided to do is an Outlander co-read. Essentially we’ve split the book into seven sections and we’ll be reading one section a week for seven weeks. On the Friday of each week we’re going to discuss our thoughts and summarise them in a weekly blog. 

Details of the co-read are on Becky’s blog, https://bookgeekwrites.wordpress.com/2016/07/01/outlander-co-read/

Outlander is an enormous book series written by American author, Diana Gabaldon, and it follows Claire Randall and her life post-World War Two when she is unexpectedly transported back in time to 1743. There she has to deal with an entirely new way of life, new dangers, and a lack of running water! How does Claire deal with being an Enlgish woman in Scotland during the Jacobite rebellion?

We’re both really excited to see how it compares with the TV series and have a bit more Claire and Jamie in our lives!


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